About Us

What is Starzquiz? It is a collection of interesting and tricky questions – lots of fun guaranteed!

Our mission is to entertain people of various ages, social statuses and spheres of interests, so we decided to test your knowledge of the heroes of our time: celebrities, movie stars, political leaders, prominent scientists, sportsmen, musicians, TV anchors, etc. Can you tell Albert Einstein from Vin Diesel? Or Natalie Portman from Keira Knightley? Did you know that Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem are two different people, not a single actor working with two separate make up squads all the time? With us, you'll learn all of this and much more!

We prepare new questions for you every day. Each correct answer earns you points and boosts your rating, brain power and current events awareness!

We are always seeking out new ideas and inventing various game modes for your entertainment.

Come play on our website, earn points and compete against other players to prove yourself as a true celebrity connoisseur!